Meet Our Pastor

Pastor David Wilson and Family
David and Rachel Wilson have been married for ten years after meeting at a Christian
Summer camp called Lone Tree Ranch in Capitan, New Mexico. As they ministered to
students at Summer camp, they developed a greater desire to more deeply invest in the
lives of people they served. David transitioned to youth pastoring in Las Cruces, NM
for two years followed by six years in Fort Worth, TX.
They have two children, AvelynJak, and Asher Bea. They enjoy time spent outdoors
on hikes and the beach, cooking (especially BBQ), watching basketball, and going to the
movies. They love to travel to visit family experiencing new places and new food!
David desires to see people experience lifetransformation as they develop and grow in
their relationship with Jesus. One of his greatest joys is to see that spiritual
transformation turn into an investment in the lives of others. This is the process of
discipleship that echos Paul’s method: “Follow me as I follow Christ.” This happens
through an emphasis on intentional relationships. This is displayed in
Church On The Rock’s mission statement:“Love God and others, become and make disciples.”
“I think the most important aspect of faith in Christ is growth in His presence. The route
to a deeper relationship with Jesus can be found through the spiritual disciplines, and the
more we practice them, the more of His presence and empowering Spirit we’ll discover. I want COTR to be a place Spirit. Our ministries will all point to growing relationships with other believers and the that prioritizes spiritual growth and life transformation through a
partnership with the Holy Lord.”
Pastor David Wilson