We invite you to join us every Sunday at 10:30 am for our Online Church Worship Service broadcast on our Church Facebook Page. The address is listed above or you can click HERE. Once you land on the Facebook page, please scroll down the timeline until you find that week’s worship service. If you are unable to hear the video, hover your cursor over the video and look to to ensure you have the volume turned on for your viewer. On Facebook, the volume control is on the bottom right of the video. On YouTube, the volume control is on the bottom left of the video. You can also expand the video window to fill your computer screen.
If you are unable to view the event live, then we invite you to return to this page and watch the service at a later date. We will be posting links to each week’s service as quickly as we are able, so check back often! You may select from either Facebook or YouTube.  Feel free to experiment to determine which format provides the best results for you.