Bible Reading Plans
At their best, Christians have saturated themselves in the Bible. They say with Job, “I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread” (Job 23:12). On the night He was betrayed, Jesus Christ prayed for his followers in these terms: “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth” (John 17:17). The means by which God sanctifies men and women, setting them apart as his own people, is the Word of truth.
To foster and encourage the daily and systematic reading of the Bible each year, the following resources are provided to help guide your steps.
The One Year Bible Online website offers two different reading plans which allow a person to read the entire Bible in one year. A person using this program may select a Bible translation from a large number of options. Then, each day, simply return to the reading plan web page and select the link for that day’s reading. You will be re-directed to a website with all of the passages already opened and ready for that day’s reading.
The One Year Bible Reading Plan consists of passages from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms and the Proverbs. This arrangement of Scripture brings variety and a fresh approach to each day’s 15-minute reading, while providing a clear understanding of the Bible’s larger message. 
The One Year Chronological Bible reading plan contains the entire text of the Bible arranged in the order the events actually occurred. This unique viewpoint allows a person to read the whole Bible as a single story and to see the unfolding of God’s plan in history.
The Bible Gateway website offers a variety of reading plans, allowing an individual the opportunity to select a program tailored to their distinct desires and goals. This website requires a person to create a free account in order to subscribe to one of the reading plans, but you will be able to track your reading progress, receive daily email reminders to complete your daily reading assignment and print monthly lists of readings for use when you are not near a computer.
Which ever reading plan you select, you will embark on the adventure of a lifetime as you encounter God in new and exciting ways through the reading of His Word!
Why not start a new reading plan today?