“Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.
1 Peter 2:16
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by Kyle Idleman
If someone asked you to explain the gospel, what would you say? What is the good news of the Christian faith? Writing to the Galatians, Paul made it clear how easily we can be tempted to turn toward fraudulent gospels, especially those that teach we can earn God’s love through our works.
Though they may have the appearance of truth, they are lifeless and leave us empty in the end.
In this Book of the Bible series, Kyle Idleman dives into the book of Galatians, one that contains some of the clearest explanations of the gospel in the New Testament. Through biblical study and engaging lessons, Kyle shows that true freedom is found in surrender, not self-dependence. Because our gospel is not one based on our works, but faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.
Join us as we gain a fresh perspective of God’s amazing grace made possible through the work of Jesus on the Cross. We will be meeting on Wednesday evenings via ZOOM conference meeting. You can join us via computer or telephone. Login details will be emailed to all in the congregation. Call the office if you need help.
We look forward to seeing YOU this Wednesday evening!

Online Griefshare Class beginning April 23rd

Are you feeling discouraged, sad, disconnected, anxious or lonely? Are you wishing we could just get back to our “normal” lives? These feelings are all normal when we have experienced some type of loss in our lives. And these “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” times certainly qualify as a loss! Loss of normal activity, normal social interaction, normal shopping. There is a term for these feelings. It is “grief.” And there are coping techniques which help us navigate times of loss and grief in our lives. Learning these techniques and processing our feelings of loss is what Griefshare is all about! 
We will begin a NEW Griefshare class on Thursday, April 23rd, beginning at 6:30 pm. This class will be held entirely ONLINE and will be facilitated by Paula and Ted Mihok. To register, go to Griefshare.org, search for our zip-code and select the group at Church on the Rock. 
The class is FREE,
but the information is PRICELESS!
Register today! 
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